Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Side of Cendrillon AND New RELEASE!

All righty. So, Anaka used to not be able to use romaji (A problem fixed in the latest release. You can dowload it from the link in the side bar), so I had to convert the whole "Another Side of Cendrillon" VSQ to hirigana.
Now I decided to actually, I dunno, use the file I had lying around.
I bugged TSO, and I ended up with this...

The illustration is by me. I know it sucks :(

By the way, the really cool version with Camilia Melodia, Ensei Ayame, and BLYTHE Anaka is really cool. I'll post it here so that I'll fit in >.> <.<

On a side note, Is it just me or is Anaka almost always in profile when other people draw her o_O ? I know there are a few where she isn't, and one where she's at three-quarters...
... I need to bug TSO to draw me more yuri~

In the side bar is the latest version of Anaka! Features incude some English syllables, almost all the Japanese ones, Romaji AND Hirigana recognition, and a half finished OTO.ini file! :3

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