Friday, June 5, 2009

Romeo and Cinderella and Swastikas

Three videos~ One sucks, one is a little messed up, and one has no singing. It be an explaination :3

First is the one that's a little messed up. I have no idea why, but Anaka's tracks for Romeo and Cinderella were off... Horribly so.

(Coming soon to a store near you: Swapples. Part Swastikas, part Apples! Swapples.)

Now here's Anaka, Miku, and Camilia. I'm not sure if it's better, worse... Or something.

It echos. And, I made the cover on MS Paint XD

And, for the heck of it, Here's TSO AnakaxSayuri version.

(It's a good version...)

And, as for Swastikas and why Anaka has them! I actually made a video justifying it XD

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