Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blythe-Chan in: Name Woes D:

Yep. You heard right. BLYTHE Anaka has her own little blog.


Th3SilentOn3 forced me to make it because it's good publicity or something or another.

I keep searching for some kanji to replace あなか, though... It's hard work.

穴冠 is Ana Kan. Heh.
I guess it means unaccompanied baggage.
I looked up Anaka in a kanji dictonary... Almost every entry had something to do with holes.
I picked a bad name, didn't I?
穴 is Ana. If I just add "ka" (too lazy to switch to Japanese right now...), It would be Anaka.
So, let's use Google Translator~!


Either 穴か or 孔化. That means she's either The Hole, or Hole?
... Real nice, eh?

孔歌 is Hole Song...

 So, she's either hole song, (goes along great with TSO's Yuriloid idea -_-;;), or just plain Anaka.


  1. あなか means "As I", if my Japanese is as non-fail as it seems to be.

  2. If you spell it "孔香" it's still "Anaka", and it's the Japanese word for "Hong Kong".

  3. "あな歌" is Gang song, if that's any better.