Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Thank you, Yesi-chan.
She fixed the OTO.ini and added some samples.
Download it here.


Yeah... I know you guys suffered for so long...
Rerecorded at least half of the syllables and finally did that OTO.ini XD


Wanna hear what she sounds like now before you download? Here is her singing Toeto with her new bank :D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anaka Getting Used By Someone... SEMI-FAMOUS?!

Chii Terome's voicer actually used Anaka. TWICE.

She sings Rip = Release, which I think I actually had her scream voicebank sing a wihle back XD

Here she asks you to come to the fourm :3

You may be wondering who Purple Chick is. That's Hitomebore. She's my original character for the roleplay on the fourm, who controls purple smoke. It's a cooler concept... XD

Friday, June 5, 2009

Romeo and Cinderella and Swastikas

Three videos~ One sucks, one is a little messed up, and one has no singing. It be an explaination :3

First is the one that's a little messed up. I have no idea why, but Anaka's tracks for Romeo and Cinderella were off... Horribly so.

(Coming soon to a store near you: Swapples. Part Swastikas, part Apples! Swapples.)

Now here's Anaka, Miku, and Camilia. I'm not sure if it's better, worse... Or something.

It echos. And, I made the cover on MS Paint XD

And, for the heck of it, Here's TSO AnakaxSayuri version.

(It's a good version...)

And, as for Swastikas and why Anaka has them! I actually made a video justifying it XD