Sunday, February 14, 2010

BLYTHE Anaka - Act 10 Sample Dump

BLYTHE Anaka - Ver 10 - Beta - Non Triphonic

Japanese Basic -

High / Low -

Suffix -

Double High Low -

English 1 and 2 (download both if you want to use her English add-on, samples are randomly assorted between the two) -

OTO.ini is included with Japanese Basic.

OTO.ini is NOT configured to be a multi-folder bank. To use without editting OTO.ini, put all of the files into the same folder.

The only thing required is the Japanese Basic.

English samples are NOT configured.

Noise removal / other conditioning was NOT applied.

This is not a release. I just know I'll never WANT to finish this bank, so I'm giving it to you as it is.

Japanese Basic - If I didn't mess up on this, this is all of the base samples. No suffixes or special language capabilites. Is the only RAR with the OTO.ini.

High / Low - The sets of single high and low notes.

Suffix - Short, Soft, and hard. Short is short and rather loud. Soft is whispery for an effect like Act 6. Hard is kind of like Act 9 in tone.

Double High / Low - The other highs and lows. There may be some decent ones in here... But everyone knows what happens when I record double and triple high notes. *is shot*

English - Two seperate RARs simply due to my internet being stupid. Contains 566 English compatibility files. Erm, I know I really screwed up and left out a LOT of stuff. ... But you guys understand, right? And if you hear the washing machine and the dogs... erm...

Noise - I didn't do anything to prevent or erase noise in these samples. Why? I didn't feel like it.
As I said, I am NOT going to be screwing with this voicebank, so I don't really care.
I did a LOT to keep the noise out of my triphones, which meant almost suffocating and sweltering to death while my feet were freezing off. ... Darn that blanket.
I did nothing with these, and I think you can hear it in some of them.
If you want to try and make this the most amazing Anaka release ever, I'll, like, give you a cookie.
Fwa. You'll get the triphones when I finish with them. Knowing me I'll get bored and upload them like I did with this ver.
This took a lot of effort to upload.
Recording 1434 samples and configuring them was easy.
Making the English list and recording it was easy.
Uploading the bank? HARD. REALLY, REALLY HARD.

Oh, and Anaka belongs to LOKE. Fwa.

Random Anaka Trivia! The first song someone else made Anaka sing was Melt. Her outfit in the cover for that song was much, much cuter than her current outfit, seeing as it was a stange combination of a military uniform and a sailor fuku.

Random Anaka Trivia! I really was contemplating changing Anaka's name to something that was at least vaugly Japanese. You know Kichi Yasashii? The scream bank? That was going to be her name until Ensei Ayame told me that it was a male name.


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